Saturday, May 7, 2011

WhoIs Application

I search for domain names every now and then, especially when a bizarre business idea flashes in my head, my first instinct is to reserve a domain name. (Registering the domain name should really be a lower priority than creating an actual business plan, but being a geek, the "business" part of "running a business" escapes me)

Domain name search process looks like this, at least for me: First I connect to a registrar's web site, search for the name, which will invariably be taken. Then search for another and another and another and after 10 mins I give up! Since the name I want is already taken, I'll come up with variations and search for them, but it is difficult to remember the variations I came up with, so I end up searching for the same names again and again. If a particular domain name is already taken, I have the curiosity to find out what is up there, what its owners are doing. But to get that information, I have to open up a browser, type the domain name and visit the web site. I find this process very painful.

I looked around for good domain name searching tools and couldn't find one. So I decided to write one myself. It is available at Please use it and let me know your feedback.

May be I'm not being fair to the registrars, but I have a sneaking suspicion that some of the registrars keep track of the domain names being searched. If a particular name is searched many times, then they simply register it themselves and squat on it. This has happened to me a couple of times. I hesitated a week or so before registering a name and it was gone. I believe that using a client-side tool, like the one I have written, will avoid this.


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