Thursday, May 17, 2012

The morphing of Facebook

I don't use Facebook often, because of privacy concerns, but whenever I use it, I find that Facebook is slowly morphing in to a group or family discussion forum. The reason I'm saying this, is because nowadays I find that Facebook contains (or shows) only the posts and photos of my closest family members and friends.

I'm sure Facebook has a complex algorithm to figure out what (whose) status updates to show when I login. I'm assuming it is calculated by the things I "liked" and the posts I "responded" to. If the algorithm is right, then it give us a startling conclusion: After fervently adding gazillion friends and the novelty died down, we are capable of interacting only with family members and a few friends on a daily basis. And status updates and photos from only those people appear when we login to Facebook.

Our family (extended family including my cousins, nephews, in-laws etc...) have always shared information thru' email, using yahoo groups. Now I get all that family information when I login to Facebook. Of course, this conclusion applies only to my demographic: the middle aged, middle class, middle income voter!

To prevent this automatic coalescing in to a small group, I see that many people always click the "like" button on almost all of the status updates, hoping that this will trick the Facebook algorithm to show more variety on their home page when they login.

At least for me personally, Facebook has replaced Yahoo Groups. Is Facebook any more useful than this? I don't think so, but only time will tell, may be it will morph in to something else in the future.


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