Thursday, May 17, 2012

NodeJS vs IIS : IIS is faster at dishing out static HTML

I wanted to check if NodeJS would be the correct tech for one of my upcoming projects, hence I did a rudimentary benchmark of NodeJS against IIS on windows for dishing out static HTML. IIS does come out ahead of NodeJS, IIS is about 2.5 times faster than NodeJS on windows.

Details of my benchmark can be found here, on one of my answers at stackoverflow:

Updated: Tomcat appears to be the fastest server dishing out STATIC HTML on WINDOWS. Tomcat is about 3 times faster than IIS in responding to the same request

Updated (5/18/2012) Previously I had 100,000 total requests with 10,000 concurrent requests. I increased it to 1,000,000 total requess and 100,000 concurrent requests. IIS comes out as the screaming winner, with Nodejs fairing the worst. I have tabularized the results below:

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